Outsourcing & Consulting

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Outsourcing and Offshore Consulting
     In the recent era, outsourcing and offshore consulting implies combination of outsourcing expertise and optimization of your IT business process. Outsourcing and offshore consulting enables your company to gain expertise, adequate information about the provider market, developing new experience with new age strategies and solutions, and finally the foundation to receive the best outcome of outsourcing, which will result in the overall growth of your company.
Sun Micro Solutions for the best outsourcing solutions
     At Sun Micro Solutions we are always keen on providing exceptional outsourcing and offshore consulting to our clients in order to meet their demands. Our substantial amount of experience in this field helps us to solve any problems that your company might encounter during its growth. Sun Micro Solutions combines both outsourcing expertise and optimization of your business process both from strategic and practical perspective.

     Sun Micro Solutions performs research and analysis after closely observing your business process and identifies the areas of thrust. We also help you to develop new, fully customized outsourcing strategies and full range of services along with maintenance and support. Our outsourcing and offshore consulting guides you accordingly to identify your main areas of business operations, so that you can easily penetrate the target market.
The Professional Edge
     There are certain factors that make the service provided by Sun Micro Solutions unique and best. They are:

Professional Attitude : We have a team of experts who are dedicated to analyze your business process with critical precision before designing the plan of action. We have a motto of doing things right and at the first instance. Our developers are well aware of latest technology and future trends. They frequently upgrade their knowledge to utilize the ever changing scenario of software development.

Customization and Flexibility : We develop the software models that can be appended and modified depending on the requirement of the specific project. You can add or delete any modules from the base or core to customize for various process segments. It saves your time and money.

Effective Communications : Qucik and easy communications is the key for the outsourcing operations today. Sun Micro Solutions have developed dedicated teams of professionals that are ready 12 X 7 to provide service to the clients.

Accountability : Sun Micro Solutions is a fully export oriented professional company that takes extra care in protecting the valuable and sensitive date of their clients, physically and electronically. This has earned tremendous respect for the company from its existing overseas clients.

     The factors Sun Micro Solutions considers while developing the blueprint for the outsourcing services are:
  • Whether,through outsourcing, you can get equal volume of work at a cost effective rate without compromising on quality
  • Whether re-allocation of your resources will earn you better revenue
  • Whether you can earn additional benefits for your company by reducing management time and improving average efficiency level of employees
  • Whether you can develop new outsourcing strategies to receive better results for your business
  • Whether you can bring significant reduction to your operational costs